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Many of today’s educators understand that an invigorating arts education spurs many non-arts educational outcomes important to the overall education of their students.

It is the hope of every parent, and the goal of every teacher, that community schools help to prepare children for a life of success and significance. This success is defined as a life full of opportunity, and significance, a life of value, purpose and meaning. These attributes are part of what education calls “the whole child”.

A standards-based arts education is about building every student’s creative capacity so that their creativity wins them the college of their choice and makes them stand out with an employer in any career they select. Music and arts education has been proven to benefit students by developing their cognitive and social skills, and research shows they score higher on standardized tests.

"The arts can help students become tenacious, team-oriented problem solvers who are confident and able to think creatively.” - Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

Most recently music and arts education has been proven one of the best sources for developing leadership, creativity, innovation and imagination in students. These skills have been identified as core to the 21st Century Skill sets and highly valued by businesses looking to grow through and beyond any economic crisis.

"To compete in the global marketplace, I need employees who are well rounded and have the skill sets that they have learned from the arts." - Rick Gallaher, Senior Engineer, Boeing Corporation


The Marching Band is often an integral part of the high school and college experience, and serves in many roles. The marching band is a real-life laboratory where students learn life strategies, take on leadership roles, and experience a variety of approaches to individual and group creativity. At the same time, the marching band provides an important role in the overall community as it helps to celebrate community events, leads celebrations and provides that all-important sound-track to community pride.

The book, Marching Music: How to be Outgoing, Outstanding and Out Playing in the Field, provides young readers with an overall understanding of how a marching band functions, as well as the benefits and challenges that membership in marching band can bring.


Teacher’s Guide to Marching Music

The Teacher’s Guide is a companion resource designed to provide direction for instructors interested in using the book, Marching Music, as a classroom supplement.   

While Marching Music is designed to be both an interesting and informative publication for the middle school and junior high school student, it is also designed to promote core language arts standards, increase vocabulary skills and expose the reader to additional resources and opportunities for learning. 

The Teacher’s Guide to Moving Music will present the following aspects:

Relations to core Language Arts Standards for

Grades 6 – 8

Presentation of Vocabulary Words for definition and usage

Presentation of Supplemental Resources including, websites, publications, and personal experiences through the study of music and participation in marching band 

View/Print the one-page overview describing the Teacher’s Guide 

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