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What It’s All About

The whistle blows. Drummers pound. You feel the 120 beats per minute through your entire body. 50,000 people are watching you, ready to cheer when they hear the first roar of music from the marching band—YOUR marching band! As you march down the field, your individual performance blends with 200 other band members to create a show that makes football Saturday come alive for football fans and non-fans alike. Everyone loves the marching band!

But marching band is more than football games. Much more. There are competitions, parades, travel, and an organization dedicated to giving its best performance every day. There is a history that goes back over 100 years, and a membership that crosses generations. Traditions are created and repeated year after year. These make being in the band a very special place that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Find out more when you read Marching Music!


If You Already Read the Book

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed it! There’s plenty more on this website to help you in your marching band journey. You might ask your Reading or Language Arts teacher to have the whole class read it and get involved.

When it comes to band,


Check out the videos, the online tools and other free stuff. Try your hand at designing your own marching show online. Take a look at all the website has to offer – and know that Marching Band offers even more!




Are you thinking about playing

a musical instrument?


Have you already started? If you answered “no” to either one of these questions, then you should really think again! Playing an instrument is the first step to an exciting world of cheering fans, great trips, fantastic friends, and challenges that will help you grow! Of course, I’m talking about being in the band – specifically the Marching Band!

MARCHING MUSIC – How to be Outgoing, Outstanding & Out Playing in the Field! will explain what marching band is all about, to let you know what goes on behind the scenes and how much fun it can be!

We start out with the end result in mind – how does it feel to be part of the band? How does it feel when 50,000 fans – or even just 1,000 in the high school stands – cheer you on? That’s a good start. Then, you’ll learn about how they do it – the planning, the “team” behind it all, how to take your “first steps” – and even a little history. For example, did you know that marching bands once LED armies into battle? Those were some brave musicians! The good news is that it doesn’t happen anymore!


Order the book here and we’ll make a donation to music education!


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